Spectrum Miami and Red Dot Miami, two of my favorite and also longest running art shows, announce their five-day schedule of interactive programming. [ALLURE] and [ILLUMINATE] form this year’s themes and the fairs take place December 5—9, 2018. Spectrum and Red Dot always feature incredible art and I am sure this year they will not disappoint.

According to a recent release, both will cover more than 100,000 square feet of exhibition space and be even more accessible for visitors on foot and by car, all within walking distance from their new home in the MANA Wynwood venue is great.  MANA Wynwood is located at 2217 NW 5th Ave. 

Spectrum Miami, which is entering its 8th year, will feature the works of more than 160 exhibiting artists and galleries from the Florida region, the U.S. and around the globe. They will showcase thriving art informed by the 2018 curatorial theme [ALLURE]. Guests can expect atmospheric abstracts, provocative photographs, and seductive sculptures.

Known for its urban and upscale works of art, this year’s Spectrum Art Labs includes Max Daily, one of the 2018 San Diego Art Prize’s winning recipients, who brings his most recent creation, the Oslo Sardine Bar; and the debut of the Miami Selects Awards throughout the show. The Spectrum Miami Selects’ prestigious panel of judges will make their favorite artwork choices on Wednesday, December 5, at the Opening Night Preview Party. This year’s Spotlight Program is a specially curated group of program recipients, that includes Artblend (Booths 105 & 108), Doug Powell Art (Booth 331), Marianne Enhorning Design (Booth 502), Mecenavie Gallery (Booth 100) and Tracy Piper Studio (Booth 634).

Galaxy Red by Jim McCormick

Text Dating, New York by Zacharova Ekaterina

Red Dot Miami is entering its 13th year and presents [ILLUMINATE] as the curatorial theme for 2018. This theme forms a common thread throughout the special exhibits and programming that showcases exhibitors, art industry professionals, and select nonprofits and institutions. Red Dot Miami features more than 75 galleries representing over 500 leading contemporary artists from primary and secondary markets throughout the world. Guests will eb able to experience the Spotlight Program, a focused look at several cutting-edge galleries chosen by the Redwood Media Group selection committee. This year’s Spotlight Galleries include Aced Gallery (R615), Contemporary Art Projects USA (R103), DATG Concept (R215), Gebhardt Gallery & Studio (R312), and Zenith Art & Fashion (R406). This year’s Art Labs includes The Art of Living Collection by Cervera Real Estate, and MUSES AMUSE, curated by Contemporary Arts Projects USA, located at the Red Dot entrance lobby and throughout the show. Each Muse honors the theme of the show—[ILLUMINATE]—to demonstrate new trends in the contemporary arts. Artist Ricardo Cardenas-Eddy’s Muse Series sculptures, inspired by the art muses of Zeus in Greek and Roman mythology, welcome art lovers and collectors to Red Dot Miami. Each muse is fashioned from concrete, the unusual yet characteristic media used by Cardenas-Eddy in both his paintings and his sculptures. Each resulting artwork, composed of cement and reinforced with steel bars, appears as if it has been dug out from a cement block or ancient wall.

To mark commencement of the five-day global panorama in contemporary art, culture and entertainment, the annual Opening Night Preview Party takes place on Wednesday, December 5th, and is sponsored is association with Cervera Real Estate. I attended last year, and I had the most incredible time. The guests were diverse and dynamic, and I met so many lovely people! I am sure this year will be just as extraordinary.

The CEO of Redwood Media Group, Eric Smith, will be Alicia Cervera Lamadrid, Managing Partner of Cervera Real Estate, who will celebrate this year’s event with a ribbon cutting ceremony to commemorate the new home of Spectrum Miami and Red Dot Miami at MANA Wynwood. This year will also feature Louis Jadot Wines and hors d’oeuvres, as well as the hottest tracks from New York’s DJ Keith Butler.

I love meeting the artists behind my favorite works and it’s great there is an opportunity to do that via the Meet the Artists program which allows attendees to interact with featured exhibitors and watch several of them at work through their own live demonstrations.  This year’s Meet The Artists participants include: Jeffrey Bisaillon, Eric Shupe, James Paterson, Marianne Enhorning, Souren Mousavi, Eleazar, Jennifer Ardolino, Alejandra Brana, Christine Alfery & Stan Adard, Christian Bakker, Miriam Sitbon & Daniel Rene, Roy Shapiro, Mr. Hikkuri, Majie, Charles Sucsan, Gedion Nyanhongo, Tracy Piper, Ignacio Corral, Gasque & Jasso, New York Film Academy, Jennifer Pazienza, D’neycho, Roxy Sora & Aaron Schwartz, Frank Malvasio, Maria Elena Beneito, Amazone Arts, Masare, Camilo Pinto, Patricia Vesga & Walter Zuluaga, Carla Garzon, Paula Quintero, Lukas Mora & Odilis Mezquia, Gina Lam, Jennifer Ardolino, Chad Daly & Gregoire Devin, Isaac Hop, Frinee, Tony Castillo, Roman Gonzalez and Yorka Ralwins among others.

Dirty Memories

Ricardo Cardenas. Mexico.El Juego de Warhol and Basquiat. Series Tic Tac Toc. 72 x 72 inches. Mixed Media with Steelbars on Concrete.

For Spectrum- Here is the full schedule word for word as received by the PR team:
Wednesday, December 5th

JBIS Contemporary Fine Art, Booth 306
It’s pop art reinvented! Meet Jeffrey Bisaillon, a self-taught artist who creates what he calls “uber-contemporary” pieces. Using organic curves and clean, modern lines, the perfect union of art and design come together in his works. Always pushing the envelope to use the newest materials, incorporating design trends and cultural influences, Bisaillon continues to evolve and surprise with his works’ simplicity and collectibility.  

7 p.m. MEET THE ARTIST: SOUREN MOUSAVI (Live Demonstration)
Souren Mousavi Art, Booth 450
Persian artist, Souren Mousavi, has dealt with trauma, tragedy, and upheaval due to her early life in Persia (now Iran), fall of which heavily influence her art. Her latest series focuses on figurative influences and capitalizes on her use of ink and watercolors as mixed media. She hopes each painting will seize your imagination — come watch as she creates and be captivated by this amazing, gifted artist.

Mecenavie Gallery, Booth 100
Chad Daly, young South African artist, who’s unique art uses a material that is commonly present in our everyday life but quite unheard of as an artistic medium: banknotes. Already passionate about money, its fluxes, exchanges, and the sheer esthetics of a bill, he decided to go all out on this idea by directly creating art with currency. Somewhere between sculpture and origami, his art features skulls, animals, geometrical shapes depending on the series and themes he chooses. 

Grégoire Devin is a French artist who started drawing at a young age. Very influenced by street art, Devin got trained in some of the most dynamic cities of the world. In his pieces, the artist incorporates his interactions with the urban culture, drawing his inspiration from the energy of pop art and from counterculture movements present in New York.

Artblend, Booth 105 & 108
Meet award-winning artist Christine Alfery. About her art, she says, “I create art like I make chocolate chip cookies neither is made the same way twice.” As her style has evolved through the years, each fresh expression has been greeted with enthusiasm and demand. Christine’s artistic style shows a maturity that comes from her lifetime of creative exploration. Join her to learn more about her artistic explorations and explore her current collection.

Stan Adard creates “breathing pictures.” He is very clear about his art and the reasons and message behind it. He states, “Breathing is life. Every single cell in our body needs oxygen to produce energy. Exhaling transports toxins and waste products out of our body. There exists a strong connection between breathing and mental states. The breathing pictures put a contrast to the hectic world of images around. The paintings radiate grace, beauty and tranquility. An invitation to relax, to breathe and to inner contemplation.” 

Thursday, December 6th

3 p.m. MEET THE ARTIST: CHRISTIAN BAKKER (Live Demonstration)
Artblend, Booth 105 & 108
While Christian Bakker is a successful businessman, he has always been an artist at heart. His art studies in both Ecuador and in the USA at The Art Students League and the MOMA Museum of New York, has provided him with mastery of different techniques, allowing him to portray multiple aesthetic designs with shapes that take us to spaces full of metaphors and movements.  His paintings can speak for themselves, and they can also express a captivating inner faith. Stop by, meet Christian, and explore his inspiring works with him. Who knows—maybe one belongs in your collection!

4 p.m. MEET THE ARTIST: ROY SHAPIRO (Live Demonstration)

Roy Shapiro Art, Booth 147
Take a look—then take a second look! You’ll be surprised by the materials and awed by Roy Shapiro’s ability to combine elements of steampunk, Goth, and contemporary style, into his sculptures. Working with varied textures for over 35 years, turning everyday materials into works of art, Shapiro will delight you with his story. Meet Shapiro, watch him at work, and see how the human body, affairs of the heart, and the power of metal all combine into a work of art.


Gedion Fine Art, Booth 350
The story of Gideon Nyanhongo is about personal challenges and the emotions he transfers into his work. Gedion is an original artist – the reference and sensitivity of his art makes that very clear. His vision and technical skills have earned him international recognition. Nyanhongo celebrates love, especially family love and the spiritual power it provides to promote peace in his art. Stop by and meet this engaging man.

Join Laura Bruney from the Arts & Business Council of Miami, learn about the Miami Loves Arts project. The Arts & Business Council empowers Miami’s creative ecosystem working over 1,000 artists and arts organizations. Show your love for the arts at our Instagram ready activation. Take a photo at Miami Arts with the 5’-foot heart, heart props and heart pops.  Part entertainment, part educational—be sure to pick up information focused on how you can personally engage in the arts.

Friday, December 7th

Malvasio Designs, Booth 307
Husband and wife team, Frank and Christine Malvasio, combine their creativity and together have fashioned an elegant line of masterpieces. Frank, born in Germany, and of Italian-German descent, was afforded exposure to famed artists’ works, grand architecture and European history in his early years. After coming to the United States, he continued to pursue his interests in the arts and design. Christine possessed a natural gift for design and was inspired at a young age to start her own jewelry line. She incorporated organic rocks and crystals into her designs which has now inspired much of the art they create today. Meet these two dynamic artists and discover the symbolic meaning of their designs with the incorporation of rare, natural geodes, faceted crystals and created embellishments.

3 p.m. MEET THE ARTIST: JAMES PATERSON (Live Demonstration)

James Paterson Fine Art, Booth 431
Meet James Paterson, whose approach to his art is one of a simple sense of wonder. His aim is to create art that is redemptive, revealing the reality of God in the world in such a manner as to give expression to mystery. Paterson uses materials in a simple way, often incorporating moving parts that viewers can play with. “These Prayer Machines are not my actual prayers,” he says. “Rather, they serve as metaphors attempting to capture those elusive moments when I inhabit the thin places between the temporal seen and the eternal unseen.” 


Ralwins Art Gallery, Booth 325
Carla Garzon is inspired by her deep Columbian cultural heritage. Her passion is expressed through bright positive colors that symbolize happiness and positive energy. Paint, textures, color are all the symbols and meaning she employs in each of her pieces. 

Meet artist Paula Quintero, see her works, and enjoy the exploration of her story. 
Lukas Mora began studying art at an early age with a clear talent for visual arts. His style and expression have matured into realism, interpretive realism, portraitures, and pop culture. Influenced by music, Lukas’ depicts classic, iconic stars in his modern stencil style. You can almost hear the music in his realistic interpretations of these iconic stars.

Odilis Mezquia will captivate you with his story and the evolution of his work. Walk with him on his journey and see his most recent works.

6–10 p.m. ART AFTER DARK 
Sponsored in association with Louis Jadot Wines and Artblend
Just getting your weekend at Miami Art Week started? Kick it off in style at Spectrum Miami with a glass of Louis Jadot wine and stop by and see the fabulous art at the Artblend exhibits and take in the sights of the show.

Saturday, December 8th

2 p.m. MEET THE ARTIST: MAJIE (Live Demonstration)
Artblend, Booth 105 & 108
Majie Lavergne is an award winning French abstract painter. His father, Robert Lavergne, a well-recognized post-impressionist painter, fostered his love for painting at an early age. Following his career as a documentary filmmaker, Majie turned back towards painting and now dedicates his time to creating art. His collection RE-CREATE challenges the traditional boundary between “artist” and “audience, “inviting the viewer to create their own composition by physically moving various shapes on a magnetized background. 

Ralwins Art Gallery, Booth 325
Frinee Rodriguez Gautreau—or you can just call him Frinee—is a painter that creates lyrical compositions on canvas. Is it a skyline? Not exactly. is it an expressionist work? Not exactly. 

Craftsman Tony Castillo started carving characters for personal decor when he started receiving more and more requests for characters and custom pieces. And so, his multimedia boards were created where fun, handmade art pieces for everyone could be created and enjoyed. Meet Tony and enjoy his creations. Mexican artist Roman Gonzalez grew up in a family steeped in their appreciation for culture and the arts. Music, painting, and photography were always a part of his life alongside encouragement. Meet the artist, see the genuine spontaneity and diversity of themes in his work, and feel the passion that comes through the strokes of his brush.  

Artist, teacher, designer, Yorka Ralwins is a woman of accomplishment. She sees her biggest accomplishment in the development and exhibition of her artwork. The figures, strokes, colors, and effects in her paintings are intended to strike an emotional involvement, arousing memories and feelings, which cause the viewer to pause and wonder what her story is about. What is her story about? What is it that made you want to know more? 


Don’t miss Young Collectors’ Night, the must-do, exciting, high-energy evening for new collectors, emerging philanthropists, and art enthusiasts. Enjoy Louis Jadot wines, tap your toes to the tunes of New York’s DJ Keith Butler, watch live art demonstrations, meet curators who will share art insiders stories, and take in all the action that’s buzzing at Spectrum Miami 2018.

Sunday, December 9th

Shupe & Lowe, Booth 527
Most fine art pieces have a story behind them; a narrative that not only explains what’s being depicted or expressed, but also gives insight into its inspiration. It’s been said that all art starts in the mind of its creator. And each piece that contemporary American sculptor Eric Shupe creates has multiple stories behind it—chiefly due to the unique media he sculpts in. 

1 p.m. MEET THE ARTIST: TRACY PIPER (Live Demonstration)
Tracy Piper Studio, Booth 634
Meet Tracy Piper, an ex-circus performer turned figurative painter. Her “You Are Loved” series of portraits emphasizes the uniqueness inherent in us all. Fabricated from multiple sources, these fictionalized “daughters” challenge society’s notions of beauty by finding empowerment in their individuality. Seemingly familiar, these portraits could be of someone you know—neighbor, friend, sister, child, me, or you. “In this oversaturated world where we are told how to look and behave, these portraits are a reminder that you can simply be you. You are enough. You are worthy. You are loved,” she says. 


Mecenavie Gallery, Booth 100
Myriam Sitbon is a painter and sculptor originally from Morocco, who was born in 1957 in Casablanca. Since an early age she was passionate about artistic creation, encouraged in this field by her professors. She creates graceful pieces, with dancing and stretched curves. Women and dance are two recurrent subjects in her work, both are done in bronze sculptures in bronze reflecting the technique of the artist. Meet Myriam and catch the spirit of her work.

Daniel René is the inventor of the end-timber technique in France. In 1985, Daniel René invented the so-called “end-wood” technique. It is not about painting, sculpture, or markers. It is a technique that adheres to support pieces of natural end wood (not machined) of different shapes, sizes and thicknesses, sometimes dipped in polyester resin inclusion. It is a difficult and very long technique to implement. Badly rendered by photography, these paintings must really be seen to discover all the riches. Come Meet Daniel and see them for yourself!
For Red Dot Miami-Schedule highlights are as follows:
Wednesday, December 5th

Arte Collective, Booth R217
David Rodriguez’s artworks are a combination of intriguing complex simplicities and beautiful vibrancy. His organic forms, vivid expression, fluid lines, and delicate textures bring together the magnetism and mystery that characterizes his work. Rodriguez’s caused quite a stir in one of his most recent presentations by completely selling out the series. Join him as he walks you through the inspiration behind his most recent series.

Contemporary Arts Projects USA, Booth R103
Growing up as a child in Hawaii, Luis Kaiulani describes his influences as a mixture of culture and nature, geography and philosophy. His upbringing involved absorbing all the wonders of the Hawaiian forests, playing in the sands on secluded beaches, meditating on mountaintops, and diving into one of the world’s most amazing bodies of water, the Pacific Ocean. While he credits his affinity toward nature to this idyllic time–there is another side of Kaiulani that is fiery, passionate, and aching for excitement. He attributes this fiery side to his Latin- American heritage. Meet his artist and see his amazing sculptures, each a testimony to his life force.

Thursday, December 6th

2:30 p.m. MEET THE ARTIST: ALADDIN (Live Demonstration)
Wildstyle Ink Studios, Booth R517
Watch as Aladdin create one of his iconic street art inspired paintings! Aladdin is a 30+ year legendary Graffiti artist from the San Francisco Bay and a pioneer of the graffiti movement in California. He has been featured in countless magazines, books, music videos, film documentaries, and his work has appeared on two NBA posters. He has shown in galleries around the globe and has been a featured artist in the “Burning Desire” show which originally featured Los Angeles Graffiti artists such as Hex, Slick, Risk and more.

4 p.m. MEET THE ARTIST: PHILSON (Live Demonstration)
Shapiro Studio, Booth R401
Question your perception—meet Philson and watch as he creates his newest work of art. Using paint and photography to explore the intersection of the figurative and the abstract, Philson’s canvas paintings are windows where the currents of composition, pattern, continues beyond the edges of the canvas. Conversely, he paints bodies—skin is the canvas. The body’s curves and contours are contained and singular in form, but infinite since there is no edge, no beginning, no end in the round. He’s challenging the very definition of figurative representation, the human form, by denuding the body of the familiar with abstraction. 

Aced Gallery, Booth R615
Seek One began writing graffiti at the age of 15 under the name Seek One. After being raised in the graffiti and skateboard scene, with years of experimenting in different mediums, along with a business and fine art degree, Seek One was born. His love for street art transitioned to canvas in 2015 after facing charges for vandalism—and today his work represents a combination of photography and graffiti expressed in a mixed media style deriving influence from Andy Warhol’s processes. The significance behind each piece presents a unique form of authenticity that speaks to all ages and backgrounds.  

DATG Concept, Booth R215
Amauri Torezan is a contemporary artist inspired by modernist abstractions and the modern lifestyle in the mid-20th century. Torezan has developed a unique visual language creating hard-edged compositions seen in his paintings, sculptures, and murals. In his work, geometric forms seem to be floating around one another as the contrasting colors enhance the exuberant depth effect, creating a sensation of burgeoning life. Meet Torezan and explore his most recent works.

Meet Cuban-American artist Arturo Cisneros, see his art, and feel like you have been transported to Old Havana with his bright colors and exciting images dancing across the canvas.

Friday, December 7th

DATG Concept, Booth R215
Cesar Augusto Gonzalez is an emerging artist who began to make his works in 2015. His work experiments with the canvas, creating mixed media pieces that bring many materials together. Can you see what he has done? Come meet him and he’ll share the link between photography and painting with you. Andrés Celis Ossott is a self-taught artist whose work is based on color, shape, and recycling. It has the virtue of “resuscitating” musical instruments that have fallen into disuse. With his hands, he can redo the body of an instrument, recovering its inner vibration, and changing its aspect for one that is full of color. For him, music is an inspiration because it helps him to clear his mind, elevate his spirit, and create.

Contemporary Arts Projects USA, Booth R103
Manuel Perez is a Spanish painter living in the Canary Islands. He paints human beings and their environment to create an atmosphere and inspiration for the viewer in each piece. His work is infused with light and color, enabling him to create a new reality where each element suggests nature’s beauty and life. His works are a part of several public collections.  

Arte Collective, Booth R217
Zachary Lobdell’s paintings have been described as nothing short of hypnotic, subtly seducing the viewer’s gaze into a tidal pool of abstract motions, textures, and surprising colors. In Lobdell’s paintings, there are multiple nebulous references to landscapes, natural forms, and flowing organic movements. Familiar figures emerge, dissolve, disappear, and then reemerge. Lobdell has been influenced by the works of Vrylin Roussin, Eric Aho, and Gerhardt Richter, to name a few.  

6–10 p.m. ART AFTER DARK 
Sponsored in association with Louis Jadot Wines and Cervera Real Estate
Just getting your weekend at Miami Art Week started? Kick it off in style at Red Dot Miami with a glass of Louis Jadot wine. Stop by and see the Cervera Collection and take in the sights of the show.

Show Floor
Curated by Celia Evans, Planet Fashion TV brings its one-of-a-kind vibe to Red Dot Miami with Art Loves Fashion featuring fashion shows, cocktails, and a live performance by a special celebrity recording artist. Planet Fashion TV is an online magazine and syndicated television series featuring the hottest news in fashion, music, celebrities, and more. Created by video production company Sea Star Films, Planet Fashion TV takes you on a global fashion adventure!  

Saturday, December 8th

Arte Collective, Booth R217
Yubal Marquez Fleites and Arte Collective support and empower international artists in all disciplines to showcase their work, promoting creativity and cultural awareness through collective collaboration. Don’t miss the opportunity to chat with this curator and international art advocate and to learn more about Arte Collective artists and their work. 

DATG Concept, Booth R215
Delsy Rubio studied plastic expression, mention drawing, painting and graphic arts at the School of Plastic Arts Julio Arraga. Initially focused in the graphics and advertising area, specializing in computer-aided design, Rubio gained the necessary expertise to venture into the digital world. His professional training continued with his connection to important teaching groups in Florida, Mexico, and Berlin. His conceptual and constructivist work led Rubio to explore volumes and reliefs, leading to the development of Rubio’s own innovative language.

Aced Gallery, Booth R615
Robert Mars uses art to express nostalgia for a time before he was born. An artistic descendant of Andy Warhol and Robert Rauschenberg, he explores American pop icons from Marilyn Monroe to Coca-Cola, packaging celebrities opposite brand names and advertising copy as though they were luxury objects. To create his work, he uses Xerox transfer to layer images and text pulled from his vast archive of vintage magazines—making photocopies and blowing them up to enhance their imperfections—and adds boldly colored paint and minimalist patterns, then distresses the image to further highlight the sense of a fading era. Mars finishes the works with a coat of resin, or by adding neon lights, imparting a glossy sheen to these memorials to desire.

6 p.m. MEET THE ARTIST: TAMMY ROGGIE (Live Demonstration)
Steidel Fine Art, Booth R418
Watch as Tammy Roggie creates her next colorful masterpiece. A self-taught emerging artist with a deep appreciation for the time-honored expression in abstract art, Roggie suspends judgment of herself and the internal narrative of her life in order to listen and follow the direction of subconscious creative self. Her paintings are brave and bold, raw and unexpected. Many paintings are layered stories, one painting on top of another, the result of approaching the canvas day to day or moment to moment and allowing herself to completely change what was just applied. By approaching each canvas this way, each piece embodies Roggie’s lifestyle and the ebb and flow of a layered, empowered woman. 

Sunday, December 9th

Arte Collective, Booth R217
Natascha Vazquez is an abstract painter whose work focuses on energetic interactions between biomorphic forms. She highlights these relationships in a sculptural way, creating a sense of three dimensions through layered surfaces using mixed media. There is a high-energy interplay of forms that allude to a kind of movement, contradictory to painting, which is completely flat. The viewer is left contemplating the construction of the work, questioning where it might have started and ended and its relationship with the surroundings. Vazquez draws inspiration from biology. Forms in her work often imitate our own bodies and the organic world in which we live. Join her as she talks about her inspirations, her curatorial work, and more.

Blink Group Gallery, Booth R213
Blink Group was born from a love of art and friendships. Owner Elizabeth Reyes begins with a mission to ensure that every detail of the artist/client relationship is perfect.

Arte Collective, Booth R217
Meet Ronnie Olabarrieta, an architect and abstract expressionism artist. Once you see his work and hear his story, you will see the confluence of his career and his passion. During the past several years, he has been painting full time, something he wanted to do since he was a child. His preferable style is abstract expressionism, and his main media are acrylic and oil, providing him with rich resources to develop the expression of his creativity. 

For further information on the shows or to purchase tickets, please visit spectrum-miami.com  and reddotmiami.com For more information on Redwood Media Group, visit redwoodmg.com