CONTEXT Art Miami is back and as dynamic as ever. This year marks the seventh edition and they will be hosting works of emergent, mid-career and cutting-edge artists from 96 galleries, representing 21 countries and 63 cities. This is one of my favorites in Art Basel and I am excited to share their news and updates. The fair is back in their same location as last year at One Miami Herald Plaza on Biscayne Bay, nestled between the Venetian and MacArthur Causeways in the heart of Downtown Miami.

The 2018 edition welcomes new exhibitors including Galerie Isabelle Lesmeister from Regensburg and presenting artists including Maria Agureeva. The Light Gallery from Medellin will make their Miami debut with a selection of Latin American works, from artist’s including Cecilia Paredes – known for her performance photography, she uses her body as a canvas to explore themes such as the power of nature, femininity, and migration. Los Angeles’s Art Angels will present new works from American contemporary artist Christopher Florentino aka Flore. Peninsula Fine Art from Guanacaste Province in Costa Rica will debut with work by Jean Marc Calvet, known for his vibrant paintings of a multitude of small details.

This year they also announced a series of dynamic exhibitions, special projects, highlight presentations, new media work, performance and innovative developments in contemporary sculpture throughout the fair and public outside areas.

Solo exhibitions will include San Francisco’s Heron Arts presentation of Donald Ian McCaw, a Canadian performance artist who situates his very personal autobiographical paintings in the context of a very impersonal story about a businessman seeking to reinvent the way fine art is made. He plays out the story of Mba Fabrications Inc., presenting business initiatives with convincing earnestness.

From Havana, Estudio Arte Contemporaneo will present a solo show by Cuban artist Rubén Alpízar who explores the postmodern language and its ambiguity of political, economic, social and artistic resources in a contemporary world. London gallery Rhodes Contemporary will present Triple Art Bypass, a solo exhibition by British artist Lucy Sparrow. Within their booth, the gallery will show an immersive installation of an operating theatre and a consulting room made entirely from felt.

From Miami, DS Projects will debut a solo exhibition by Argentinian artistMarcolina Dipierro, who addresses the notion of modern abstraction, exploring formal aspects of modern architecture and design in combination and contrast with various forms and materials.

Bolo Art/Rele Gallery from Lagos, making its debut appearance at the fair will present a solo show by Nigerian artist Victor Ehikhamenor known for his work with traditional African motifs, religious cosmology drawings, and immersive installations. Markowicz Fine Art will present new installation work by street artist KAI. Born in Los Angeles, KAI is recognized globally for his social commentary through his signature body of work IF, a character of no color, sex or race. Cantor Fine Art will present a solo show by German-born artist Andrew Myers, known by his large-scale three-dimensional portraits.

For more information, please call 1.305.517.7977, email or visit