There are key items that I just can’t travel without. These items make the difference between a pleasant trip and a miserable one; especially if the flight is more than 5 hours.


The air on planes dries out my lips very quickly. So I always make sure that I carry multiple lipglosses. Sometimes I alternate that with chapstick. Having these on hand ensures that my lips are comfortable during the entire flight. I try to keep in my sweater pocket for easy access when I need to reapply.


Wearing a scarf not only keeps me warm when the airplane gets very cold, it is also a great way to look stylish! Dressing comfortably while looking stylish doesn’t have to be difficult and wearing a scarf is a wonderful way to add elegance and posh to anything you wear. I have a large collection of scarves and I love using them everytime I travel.

Fuzzy slippers

Once I get settled into my seat on a plane I like to take off my shoes and put on a pair of fuzzy slippers. Fuzzy slippers instantly make me feel more relaxed and cozy. They wrap my feet up in warmth and comfort and allow me to wiggle my toes when necessary. The ones in this picture were given to me as a Christmas gift. They are not only playful they are unbelievably comfortable.

Hand lotion

Just like my lips, my hand always get super dry on planes. One reason they get so dry is that the air on the plane is so dry and the other reason is that I wash my hands a lot and use a lot of hand sanitizer. (I have a bit paranoid about germs on planes but that is for another post.) Dry hands make me absolutely miserable so I always have a travel size bottle of lotion in the pocket of my hoodie or blazer. I love the ones I get from hotels because they smell nice and meet travel requirements. Pharmacies like CVS also sell travel sized bottles. If they are not in my pocket they are in my personal carryon item.


I always carry my earbuds with me everywhere I go. Airlines don’t always provide earbuds on shorter flights and the ones provided on longer flights aren’t always the best quality. I travel with my iPhone earbuds because they are small and easy to carry around. However, noise canceling headphones make long flights more pleasant Here are a few standout ones for 2018.