Last week I had the amazing opportunity of going on my very first FAM trip to Las Vegas. JetBlue had its inaugural direct flight from Ft. Lauderdale and I couldn’t have been happier to be on that plane. I wrote about that experience for Miami Shoot Magazine and you can read that here. 

I did my very best to squeeze as much as I could about this adventure into 1500 words but I still felt like there was a lot more to be said. Here are a few additional insights from my trip.

1. Las Vegas is everything and nothing you want it to be.

There are a lot of ideas about what Last Vegas is all about.  Las Vegas is really whatever you want it to be. If you want Las Vegas to be a crazy, party, “sin city” town where you lose your friends and wake up in inappropriate locations, then so be it. If you want Vegas to be a place where you can take your family for amazing food and shows and all other sorts of PG fun, then Vegas is that too.  Like any vibrant city, what you get out of it really depends on your intentions. Vegas is and isn’t the craziest place ever.

2. It is possible to visit Las Vegas and not spend a fortune.

One of the great things about Las Vegas is that your economic situation doesn’t determine how much fun you have. Sure it’s nice to get the Penthouse Superior Suite at the Delano Hotel but there are plenty of rooms at nice hotels that are really affordable; especially if you split it with a friend.  During the trip I stayed in the King Suite, which was heavenly, but again, there are so many options. This also applies to food. You can spend a fortune on dinner or stop by a subway sandwich for a 6inch sub; there are three on Las Vegas Boulevard that I know of.  Las Vegas Shows can be really expensive, but if you leave the strip and head Downtown, the people watching is epic! Buy a drink (or 2, or 3) walk around and enjoy the sights.

3.The city you live in can get “old”, yes even Vegas.

On a previous trip to Vegas, sometime in 2012, the girl sitting next to me on the flight from Fort Lauderdale, was telling me how she couldn’t wait to get home because it was “craziest” weekend ever in Miami. The girl’s eyes were a little too blood shot for a 3pm flight, her hair was a tangled mess gathered on the top of her head, and her voice was very raspy. On this flight back to her home in Las Vegas, she vowed (and I was her witness) never to visit Miami again. All she wanted to do was to get home so that she could recover.  Miami is where this girl went to “live it up”.  She claimed to know “every scene ever” in Las Vegas and was over it.

4.Helicopter Ride to the Grand Canyon just do it.

Seriously this is a must do the first time, or the next time you go to Vegas. This was my first time ever riding on a helicopter and I literally teared up with joy. When was the last time you cried of happiness?A helicopter ride on its own is amazing. Then you throw in the aerial view of the Grand Canyon and it’s just overwhelmingly magical. Maybe I’m just a big sap, but this was just incredible. Shout out to Sundance helicopters. Those guys know how to make you feel special.

 5.Las Vegas Keeps Changing

Las Vegas is continuously evolving. Tech start ups are setting up camp, and Zappos moved their new headquarters into town; a move that will likely have positive economic impacts. Downtown Las Vegas and surround areas are also revamping. It will be interesting to see how things continue to progress further down the road. I won’t be swearing off Las Vegas anytime soon.

More pictures in my article 🙂


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