For the last few weeks I’ve been gathering or working on the things that I want to include in “Cool Stuff”. There has been a lot going on since I met Lennox Lewis and I’m excited to share those with all of you. Including meeting Chris Hardwick (for all my Walking Dead fans). That story actually ties into one of the “Cool Stuff”. I’m getting ready to include.

But in the meantime, I’m excited to share a new development. Not long ago I wrote a post on being featured in The New Zealand Herald. Well, the author of that article recently completed a book called Million Dollar PR and guess who is in it? Me!

I’m on page 10 and for a limited amount of time you can read it here:

Being able to create content is something I’m extremely passionate about and being a part of a book that will guide so many in their career is a wonderful feeling!

Check back again soon! There is more to come promise!