During the holidays, I had the amazing opportunity to speak with a lot of people that are doing truly inspiring things with their lives.  One of those people is Renee Grant, an entrepreneur, runner, and philanthropist, who I was able to interview for Run South Florida Magazine. Renee is the founder of Runner’s Depot in South Florida.

Speaking to Renee was effortless. She was very engaging and shared a lot of details about where she has been, where she is now, and where she is going in her life and her business. What I loved most about the conversation was listening to her talk about her vision. See the thing is, Renee didn’t just opening a retail shop for runners, she created a community of like minded people that come together for a common purpose; running. She also continuously raises a lot of money for charity.

When it comes to business it pays to look at the bigger picture to see the true potential of your product or service. Beyond just making a sale, Renee is transforming lives.

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