When I first step foot on Harvard campus, I knew it was the start of an epic summer.  I knew that I was going to have a fantastic experience and  from that moment forward my life was never going to be exactly as it was. I knew for certain that I would look back on that experience years from now and smile. But what I didn’t know was that I was also going to learn about a really great organization called the Community Health Council (CHC), that fast forward one year later, I was going to be planning a fundraising event for.

So just a few days ago, I held the very first charity fundraiser in Miami for the CHC and it was a great success. I’ve included a few pictures here: But please visit the official website: www.belenartexhibit.com and the full official press release I wrote is also below.

It had been a while since I planned an event from scratch like this and there were a ton of bumpy roads along the way. But in the end, with the help of some very amazing people, everything came together. I’m super grateful to all the support from the CHC crew.  By the end of the event I felt really bonded with everyone.

The Pan American Art Projects gallery and all of our sponsors where invaluable. I’m also grateful for the presence of Cesar Bustamante, the Consul General Peru. It was an honor for him to attend our event and to learn about the important work the CHC is doing.

The money we raised that night is going to help the children and families living in Belen and to make things even better, I am going to Peru with the CHC in August! I will get to see all of it first hand and I can’t wait!

My next big trip will be to Peru’s Amazon Jungle! It will not only be an amazing physical adventure but also an adventure of the heart and I can’t wait!!

***A very special shout out to What Ya Got? For taking such great pictures at the event. See below the release.

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Belen Charity Art Exhibit Event Raises funds for Children in Belen

On Friday June 14th, the Community Health Council (CHC) in Partnership with the Peruvian American Chamber of Commerce presented a one night only Art Exhibit at the Pan American Art Projects in Wynwood. The art exhibit titled A Canvas of Hope: Art by the Children of the Slums of the Amazon was the first of its kind ever created to benefit the Community Health Council.

The evening’s special guest was Adam Frange, a Harvard University Teaching Fellow and the Executive Director and founder of the Community Health Council. Adam flew down from Boston to talk about the important work he is doing in Belen and generate awareness of the living conditions of the families and children who live there.

Included in this exhibit was photography by Zag Adams, son of the world renowned Patch Adams, who was portrayed in the hit movie by Robin Williams. Zag has captured the everyday plight and beauty of the people of the Amazon. His ability to document life in the city of Belen is unparalleled and the photographs will be available for purchase.

“As the gateway to Latin America we were so happy have been able to present this exhibit in Miami. We were excited to talk about our work in Peru and share the experience of daily life in Belen as seen through the drawings and paintings of improvished Peruvian children and the photographic work of Zag Adams,” said Frange.

About the CHC:

The Community Health Council works in collaboration with local citizens, governmental and non-governmental organizations to improve the health, education, and living conditions of children, families and citizens of Belen living in extreme poverty. The CHC is an international organization that provides direct health care services and undertakes research and advocacy activities on behalf of those who are sick and living in poverty. www.communityhealthcouncil.org

About the Pan American Art Projects:

The Pan American Art Projects specializes in art of the Americas with the mission to build a bridge between North and South American cultures by presenting and exhibiting artists from both regions concurrently. They deal with emerging to established artists, as well as secondary market paintings, sculpture, and works on paper. www.panamericanart.com

For more information about the Belen Art Exhibit visit: www.belenartexhibit.com


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Ambassador Bustamante with chefs Belen Art Exhibit