On Monday the 22nd, I went to ABC Studios ( 30 West 67th Street between Columbus Avenue and Central Park West in NY), to appear on the Katie Couric show! I’ve been a fan of Katie’s for years and that day is one I won’t soon forget.

I was there to film a segment about a new TV Show on National Geographic called Brain Games. I had the opportunity to play brain challenges with Katie while Jason Silva, Brain Game’s host, explained how our minds processed information when given specific instructions.

From beginning to end, the entire process was incredible. I got to the studio early in the morning and was warmly greeted when I arrived. I was escorted to the “green room” where there was a variety of snacks (I’m a huge snacker) and waited to be taken to hair and make up. While I waited, I gave myself a tour and snapped as many pictures as I could possibly take without looking too weird.

When I got to hair and make up, I was surprised to see the two celebrities from the TLC show “Little Couple”. The husband Bill Klein was sitting right next to me.  I think my brain didn’t really process everything that was going until much later. Bill and I sat side by side while two amazing women sprinkled some sort of awesome dust on me.

I had two questions at that point. Where have these women been all my life and can I take them home with me? I don’t know how they did what they did, but I looked absolutely amazing when they were done. Not only were they miracle workers, they were also incredibly nice and didn’t seem at all annoyed at my constant picture taking.

After hair and make up, I was taken back downstairs and backstage where I got my microphone.  Up until that point, I wasn’t nervous at all. But standing backstage changed that.  They showed me where I would be sitting in the audience and the seat had my name on it!

It was unbelievable! I felt like a rockstar!

When the time came to join Katie on stage all my feelings of nervousness disappeared. I didn’t allow those feelings to distract me from the current moment. Katie made me feel like we’ve known each other forever. She is such a real person. After my segment I went back to my seat to watch the rest of the taping.

I was told that the episode was going to air that coming Friday and I quickly messaged some family and friends to let them know.

That Friday, I curled up with my mom on the couch for my big debut. I could barely stand to watch myself. I had such a critical eye! But the feedback was amazing!  I love watching Katie but now even more so.

iphone update July 6 065 Greeting Katie and Jason Silva from Brain Games

iphone update July 6 055 In the “Green Room” Waiting for hair and makeup

iphone update July 6 056  Max made me look amazing!

 iphone update July 6 052 Trying to stand like Katie before my turn in hair and make up

iphone update July 6 074  Katie and I got the right answer on one of the brain games!