The Parade: Oh yea baby! We got there on the first day of Mardi Gras!!! This parade is an entire category on it’s own because it was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. The

The parade is raunchy, wild, crazy, and good ole fashion fun. Warning, this parade is not for those who are easily offended, super duper conservative, or overly prudish. It’s best enjoyed when you appreciate it for what it is and enjoy all the music and beads! There are lots and lots of beads! The entire city is gearing up for the full on Mardi Gras festivities taking places in just a weeks time. But first comes the Superbowl; it’s an eventful time to be in the city.

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Other notables: On Monday before heading back to Miami, I had the chance to catch up with my friend Samantha who I met in Miami. She moved to New Orleans/Mississippi a few years ago so I hadn’t seen her in a very long time. It was so wonderful to catch up and see the ways her eyes light up when she talks about her city. She is a designer in the area and took me to the International House Hotel (221 Camp Street) that she is currently working on revamping. The hotel is absolutely gorgeous and chic. She introduced me to Adam the bartender in the lobby bar and showed me one of the rooms. I would love to stay in this hotel and I may just ask for a discount next time I am there. It never hurts to ask. LOL


So overall, New Orleans is exactly what I had envisioned it to be and more. New Orleans has a soul and a heartbeat that captured my heart. I love that city and I can’t wait to go back.