Where we ate: Just about everywhere.  It’s hard to go wrong. Some places are super well known thanks to the travel channel and trip advisor. Places like Mothers, Café Du Monde, ACME Oyster House…and many others were super packed with tourists. Beignets are sold in many places but my favorite was Café Beignet at 311 Bourbon street. It’s a small place but great! Café Du Monde was a bit too much for me but a good experience nonetheless. Crawfish, catfish, po boy’s, red beans and rice, and gumbo are all things to eat. Despite eating at many places, there is a lot left! The French Quarter alone is a lot to tackle. Then of course there are all the places to eat outside of that area…like on Magazine street for example.

What we did: Dancing, drinking, ghosts, and cooking. It’s hard not to dance in New Orleans. There is music everywhere!! You can dance in the streets, in the clubs, or anywhere on Frenchman street. We did all of the above and it rocked. Drinking is a given. My favorite drink of the trip was bourbon with, orange juice (maybe orange bitters too) lemon juice, lime juice, and simple syrup. I have NO idea what it’s called and neither did any of the bartenders. But it was delicious!!! I also had numerous shots of Vodka and plenty of beer along the way. When the sun set one of the nights, we went on a ghost tour. I highly recommend it ( I will get you the name of the lady who did ours. She was great).  There is a lot of history in that city. From the good to the darn right horrific, New Orleans literally and figuratively has a lot of skeletons in the closet. One of the girls might have even caught a picture of a ghost in her camera. The tour ended with a visit to the HEX Witchcraft store. It’s a very interesting place and not as “evil” as many people think. Go there with an open mind. Finally, we signed up for a cooking class at The New Orleans School of Cooking.  This is another activity worth doing. With all the eating we did, it made sense to learn how to make some things. It wasn’t interactive because we picked a big class (though that option is available)but we had a blast learning how to make red beans and rice, gumbo, pecan pie and pralines (pronounce prawlines). It was wonderful!

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