Once a upon a time (January 19, 2013), eight women jumped on an American Airlines flight and headed to NOLA to celebrate a bachelorette!  It had all the potential in the world to be a female version of the hangover in the big easy, but things never got that crazy. I say that in a very good way. In the hangover, drugs and a crazy amount of alcohol are to blame. Our trip was not that kind of trip… Our deadly sin…or I should speak for myself on this, my deadly sin was gluttony. I ate A LOT of food and with good reason; everything in that town is pretty damn delicious.  Here is a breakdown of how things went and what I recommend:

Where we stayed: The Holiday Inn on Royal Street. The Holiday Inn is well…a Holiday Inn. It was comfortable, clean , simple, and safe. The location was awesome because it was very central to everything we wanted to do.  The most inconvenient part was the elevator situation. Our rooms were on the last floor; floor 19 and we had to take two elevators to get there. The first elevator goes up to the 18th floor and then you have to switch to get to 19. I still don’t get it.  We needed our room key to access the floor but it didn’t really feel like a suite or anything. I can only imagine, that a long time ago, the 19th floor was the VIP floor and has since just become normal like all the other rooms. It’s not a deal breaker, but inconvenient.