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A Guide on Sustainable Home Decor: Benefits and Ideas

Over the past several years, I have grown increasingly in love with interior decorating. My travels and my love for storytelling have played a big role. I love unique pieces that tell a story and have a lot of character. Perhaps it's why I love going to thrift stores...

A Sustainable Christmas- Wrapping Paper

I love the sight of beautifully wrapped Christmas gifts, and for years I have always reached for wrapping paper available at local retail shops. However, standard wrapping is not recyclable, and this year I want to change that. JosieLDN, a YouTuber I enjoy watching,...

A Sustainable Christmas- Christmas Tree

Real or fake? I wasn’t sure what kind of Christmas tree I wanted to get this year and I decided to go with whatever was the most sustainable. After doing a bit of research I learned there are eco-friendly arguments for both but a real tree is the most eco-friendly...

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This space is all about my journey to live a more sustainable/ environmentally conscious lifestyle and my passion for scuba diving, ocean conservation, and travel. I also love thrift shopping and looking for treasures for DIY projects and will share my DIY transformations. Thrifting is good for the environment, supports community organizations, it’s an affordable way to get quality items, and it’s an amazing way to define and express your unique personal style.


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