The SOBA Programme Receives an A+ Annual Review Rating

Oct 09

The SOBA Programme Receives an A+ Annual Review Rating

I was really excited today about spreading the good news that our programme (yes the British spelling is growing on me) received an A+ Rating from DFID.

Here is an excerpt of the Press Release and you can see the full version here.

Private Sector Development Program Recognized as a Top Performer

Freetown, Sierra Leone- 9 October 2015-  Sierra Leone Opportunities for Business Action, a private sector development program based in Sierra Leone (SOBA), today announces that after two years of implementation, the program was awarded an A+ Annual Review rating by DFID in a recent annual review. This A+ signifies that the programme has exceeded its targets for impact since starting in September 2013. Headline achievements include:

  • 29,330 Sierra Leoneans experienced at least 10% increased incomes, exceeding the 29,025 target.
  • SOBA is currently working with 15 private sector partners in Sierra Leone, exceeding the original target of 2.
  • Environmentally sustainable: SOBA has introduced Sierra Leone’s first mass-produced biomass briquettes into the market, a step away from the environmentally damaging use of charcoal.
  • SOBA has enabled the establishment of Sierra Leone’s largest rice processing facility which now purchases from a network of over 5,300 farmers.

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