Hat’s Off Luncheon- An inspiring afternoon

May 18

Hat’s Off Luncheon- An inspiring afternoon

For the last 5 years (maybe 6) I’ve been blessed to attend the Hat’s off Luncheon which is the Honey Shine’s Mentoring Programs main fundraising event. The Hat’s off Luncheon is an incredibly inspiring 2-3 hour affair where, as a guest, you are able to see first hand the wonderful work this organization does to empower young ladies in the Miami area. 

Important note: I need to thank Mitchell Zachs for all of the great photos he took at the luncheon!


By definition the Honey Shine Mentoring Program encourages the balance of mind, body and soul in girls and women by providing nurturing experiences that enlighten their paths and empower their future.



Honey Shine was founded by Tracy Mourning, an incredible woman, mother, entrepreneur, and philanthropist who took her own bad experiences growing up and turned them into a force for good. And of course there is a lot more to the story, and endless amazing things to say about Tracy. Her husband Alonzo Mourning, former NBA star with the Miami heat also has his own charity and together, they have done so much for the community. Not too long ago, I got basketball advice from Alonzo and you can read that here.

So, attending this luncheon is always a treat. In addition to it being for a wonderful cause, it’s also a great opportunity to dress up! If you want to see some impressive outfits and accessories look no further than this luncheon! Now as much as I love to dress up and shop..etc. I wouldn’t call myself a fashion expert and this isn’t a fashion blog. But I can’t resist the desire to make mention of some of the fabulous things I saw this year; including all the wonderful fascinators!

Tracy lead the trend with her gorgeous fascinator that I think channels Kate Middleton and she looked fabulous!



The ladies and some gentlemen that attend this luncheon every year are some of South Florida’s most prominent movers and shakers. They are men and women who contribute immensely to the community and who have created a name for themselves by creating or running major businesses and non-profit organizations. Many are educators, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, entertainers, industry experts and much more. The fact they are also chic and fashionable is icing on the cake. Look as some of these great hats and fascinators.



And a shout out to my friend Louis Aguirre,  the afternoons Master of Ceremonies for looking dapper in his hat!


This year marked the 12th annual Luncheon and it was wonderful. Between the Honey Bug Showcase, which is a fashion show where the ladies of the program strut their stuff down the runway, and all the wonderful entertainment by the Honey Bugs, it was fun from the start. 


There was also a live auction that created an entertaining bidding war for some of the items up for grabs. The item that was won for almost 7K, was tickets for Oprah’s The Life You Want weekend which is coming to Miami Oct 24-25. It’s Oprah and one particular lady had no intention of letting this go and I don’t blame her one bit. 



The entire energy in the room was inspiring and empowering. The program was filled with Lady Bug stories of tragedy turned triumph and it reminded me of the power of human resilience. We are able to overcome adversity and rise from the ashes like the phoenix into greatness. Even though it was a lot of fun and fashion, the reason we were all there is because we all wanted to show our support in one way or another, for the organization and the Honey Bugs.

Read my article in the Examiner about it here.

To learn more about Honey Shine visit www.HoneyShine.org.

About the Mourning Family Foundation
Since 1997, the Mourning’s have raised more than $10 million for their charity initiatives including, the Overtown Youth Center, a state-­‐ of-­‐the-­‐art facility that serves as a safe haven for children and families to participate in recreational and educational activities from 2nd grade through graduation, and Honey Shine, which provides at-risk young women with positive role models and influences through its enrichment programs, workshops, camps and sisterhood. For more information visit: www.mourningfamilyfoundation.org.

Here are a few more of Mitchell Zach’s great photographs:

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