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Adventures in Communications

It is an exciting time to work in the communications industry! I am constantly learning new things and will share them here.

Travel Adventures

I must travel. It is not an option. It is the only things that helps me manage my insatiable curiosity. It is how I communicate with the world.

Culinary Adventures

I eat therefore I am. I love the process, the art, the joy, and the sense of unification that only food can provide.


Unexpected Adventures

The randomness of it all. The unexpected happenings, meetings, people, and experiences that have always made life more interesting.

A quick trip to Denver

A quick trip to Denver

Last week I had the opportunity to travel to Colorado for the very first time. My best friend had a work conference out there and mentioned the great hotel rate she was getting. Coincidentally, Frontier Airlines had just started direct flights out of Miami and they...